Timing is everything

Everyone wants to get the most for their money. Whether a bride has 10 thousand or 100 thousand, every bride try’s to stretch it as far as she can.

One of the very best ways to stretch your money is to have your wedding on an off day and or off month. I just did a wedding in North Scottsdale at a high end wedding venue and all vendors including me and the venue were at least 40% lower than peak month and peak day. It’s simple supply and demand principles.

So if you really want to get a lot for your money, you may want to consider a Thursday night in June or December. And when it’s all said and done, no one will remember the day of your wedding. They will only remember how awesome it was.


Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Every once in awhile a wedding vendor rises above the others in my opinion. I love to show up to a wedding to find Sam McConkey behind the camera. His work is an art. His equipment is be best you can buy and his people skills are the best in the industry.

This photo was taken at a recent wedding he and I did together at Sassi in North Scottsdale.

If you have a minute, you may want to enjoy some of his work displayed on his web site: http://firebushimages.com/


Cathy and Dale from Spokane at Grey Hawk CC

Although the picture of Cathy and Dale is not the best, the couple themselves are the best. Their friends and family were so very gracious (and fun).

By the way, the new wedding coordinator there at Grey Hawk is amazing. She is sweet and very detailed. I love doing weddings there at Grey Hawk.