Watching the bride walk down to the groom is always very special



There’s nothing like that awesome moment when the bride is being walked down by her father, or mother, brother, or even her young son.  It’s always moving and touching.  As a wedding minister, one might think that it loses its power – but it doesn’t.

I love what that one moment stands for in her life.  It symbolizes a brides love and respect for her family.  It tells the world that she will always honor her folks (whether they have passed or not).  It says she loves her family but it’s time to move on.

It also says a lot to her groom.  It says that he is her new family and he is the one who she will devote her life and living to.  It doesn’t mean she no longer has a life of her own – on the contrary.  It says that her life is his, and his life is hers.

So the next time you watch a bride being escorted down to her groom, enjoy it.  Because you’re watching something very special in someone’s life.