Save Money: Shorten Your Guest List

Keep Dinner Simple

The easier the meal, the more money stays in your pocket. If you’re doing a more casual dinner try a simple, but pretty Country Ham sandwich. For a more formal meal, don’t be fooled by choosing buffet vs. a plated meal. Sometimes vendors charge more for a buffet because they’re making more food. Be sure to ask your vendor for a price list for both.

End of the day hug and kiss

Make enthusiasm a habit: When you reunite at the end of the day, do it with excitement and a 20 second hug.  An extended hug stimulates the bonding hormone oxytocin.  Stop what you’re doing for this reunion and let your partner know that he or she is a priority.

This intentional hug beats the rote, “Hi honey I’m home.”husband_kisses_wife

Save Money Right Out Of The Gate: Don’t Do Saturday

Don’t Do Saturday!

Even though Saturday is the most popular day to walk down the aisle, consider doing a Friday or Sunday bash. Since locations and vendors are looking to fill their calendars rather than sit empty, they often give discounted rates.

In fact, ALL VENDORS should give you at least 20% off their normal fees.  Catering may be different because the price of food is the same no matter when you eat it.  But the rest of us should pass some of our savings on to you.  It’s simple supply and demand principles.  I will book all Saturdays but not all Sundays and Fridays.

cheaper wedding
cheaper wedding

Who Should I Tell FIRST About My Engagement?

phoenix wedding

Who Should Be the First to Know About My Engagement?

Avoid broadcasting the news (photos included) to social networks before sharing your engagement with family and friends. If you have any children from a previous marriage, they should be told first. Parents, family members, godparents, and anyone you are particularly close with should also be told before the news is public knowledge.