Pre Marriage Advisement

My responsibility as the wedding pastor is to prepare the couple for the wedding ceremony and the marriage. It’s easy for the couple to forget or even neglect the attention needed for being married. Even if a couple is cohabiting before the wedding, they must be prepared for the fact that their relationship is going to change. For this reason, i never charge extra money for time spent with the couple to discuss their relationship. I want to remove all possible excuses to not meeting with me.

I have found that the majority of couples are not willing or able to give me more than one session. With that in mind, I try to convince them to take a personality test for me and give me an hour to go over the test together. Pound for pound, there’s nothing i can do more for them in one hour than provide insight from a test such as the Taylor Johnson Temp test. It’s cheap, easy, fast, and informative.

I love preparing couples for their wedding day. I enjoy even more preparing couples to last a lifetime together.

PreMarriage Tests



One of the tools I use the most often in helping couples prepare for marriage is the Taylor Johnson Temperament test.  For very little money, a couple can determine how well they know each other PLUS know how compatible they are together.  I have administered this test over 200 times and I am yet to find someone who didn’t glean something to help their relationship.

There is no reason to be nervous about the results either.  No one fails the test.  The only bad that can come from it is not doing it.

PreMarriage Advisement or Not??

20130317-060356.jpgBefore the brides walks down the center isle with her father, my hope is that every couple spends at least one hour with a marriage and family professional to talk about topics such as these:

  • In laws
  • Money
  • Home chores
  • Sex
  • Future vacations
  • Friends outside of marriage
  • Personal hobbies
  • Faith and religion
  • Children
  • Careers
  • Future education
  • Debt


End of the day hug and kiss

Make enthusiasm a habit: When you reunite at the end of the day, do it with excitement and a 20 second hug.  An extended hug stimulates the bonding hormone oxytocin.  Stop what you’re doing for this reunion and let your partner know that he or she is a priority.

This intentional hug beats the rote, “Hi honey I’m home.”husband_kisses_wife