Love letters vs. writing your own vows


I often hear brides and grooms speak of writing their own vows for their wedding ceremony. It’s a wonderful idea but unfortunately, it’s harder than it looks. Writing your own vows requires someone who can write a significant amount of ability and clarity. Which is the reason why I suggest couple to simply write “love letters” to each other with that moment in mind, and stick with the traditional vows for the ceremony. In reality, this idea allows the bride and groom to enjoy both their own words (in the form of a letter) and the marriage vows that most recognize as traditional vows.

Include your children in the wedding ceremomy

include children in your wedding

In terms of blending families together through marriage, one of the best ways to make the children feel important is to include them in the ceremony itself. A common and appropriate way to do so is at the end by including them in the “sand ceremony”. The ceremony has to primarily be about the couple, but including the children in this way to good, healthy, sweet and kind.