Bigger is not always better

Less emphasis on entertaining the guests


Sometimes smaller weddings are way better than the bigger ones.  In fact, I’d rather be a part of something smaller and more intimate than large and crazy for these reasons:

  1. More meaningful
  2. More emotional
  3. Less emphasis on entertaining the guests
  4. More emphasis on the couple’s love and their story
  5. Less concern with time and schedule

Have you considered SEDONA for your wedding?

sedona wedding

I just was invited to perform a wedding in Sedona this past weekend.  I fell in love with the chapel at Tlaquepaque.


The chapel was perfect for 50 or less.  Especially to escape the heat of the Valley.

I love the staff and the “feel” of the location

If you want my opinion, it is an amazing to start your marriage.

Save Money Right Out Of The Gate: Don’t Do Saturday

Don’t Do Saturday!

Even though Saturday is the most popular day to walk down the aisle, consider doing a Friday or Sunday bash. Since locations and vendors are looking to fill their calendars rather than sit empty, they often give discounted rates.

In fact, ALL VENDORS should give you at least 20% off their normal fees.  Catering may be different because the price of food is the same no matter when you eat it.  But the rest of us should pass some of our savings on to you.  It’s simple supply and demand principles.  I will book all Saturdays but not all Sundays and Fridays.

cheaper wedding
cheaper wedding

McDonald Ranch in Scottsdale

I love this place!

I drive by this venue almost everyday. It’s been years since I have been behind the barbed wire. Now after my first wedding at McDonald Ranch in Scottsdale, I must say that it’s an amazing place to get married and or have a memorable party.

Once you drive in, you think and feel like you are hours from civilization. It’s quiet and very private.

As for its feel, it crosses two very different feels very well: elegant and western. How? I’m not sure but they do pull it off.

I’m glad I finally experienced the ranch! I hope I’m invited back again soon.






Reasons to consider getting married within the walls of a church



There are many reasons why a couple should consider getting married inside a church – even if it’s not the church they attend.  There are also many good reasons why they may not want to get married in a church.  This blog will explore this topic from the perspective of a wedding pastor who is also a local church pastor.

There are many reasons why a couple may not want to get married in a church:

  • They are new to the area and have not yet found a home church
  • They no longer feel the need to be a part of a church family
  • They cannot agree on the kind of church the two of them want to attend
  • They once had a bad experience in a church and can’t seem to get past it

All of these are valid reasons and feelings.  Finding a church that fits one person is hard – finding one that fits both, is very difficult.

But here are a few questions I believe a bride and groom may want to ask themselves as they consider whether or not they should get married in a local church – even if it’s not their church:

  • Is it important to either or both of the families?
  • It it important to the bride or groom to have that kind of a spiritual element to the ceremony?
  • Later will either the bride or groom regret missing out on the blessing associated with a church?

Obviously, God lives every where – not just within the walls of a church.  But i have heard many people people speak of the need to exchange vows in a more sacred place.  The bottom line is this: if you at all feel compelled to marry in a church, don’t resist those feelings and begin the search for a local church that will accommodation you and your bride / groom.  Who knows, maybe it will be that very church you will find yourself attending as a young family.

Cathy and Dale from Spokane at Grey Hawk CC

Although the picture of Cathy and Dale is not the best, the couple themselves are the best. Their friends and family were so very gracious (and fun).

By the way, the new wedding coordinator there at Grey Hawk is amazing. She is sweet and very detailed. I love doing weddings there at Grey Hawk.


One of the best kept secrets in the NW Valley

Matt and Brittany from NE could not have been sweeter. Great family and the most fun group of friends I have seen in a long time.

Elizabeth is an awesome wedding coordinator at Blackstone CC. She is one of the best PLUS the venue has a North Scottsdale feel for a lot less money.

If you’re looking for a higher end wedding venue in the west valley, this place in north Peoria may be worth considering.