Who are the Phoenix Wedding Pastors?

They are Rev. Robb Williams and Rev. Randy Williams.  Each active current pastor at two different Arizona churches since 1989.

Does it matter if the bride and groom do not attend church somewhere?

Absolutely not.  We specialize in couples who are not currently plugged into a local church.  We treat all people (no matter their church background) with the same respect, love, and honor.

How are fees determined?

The pricing is determined by the minister and you.  There are no set fees.  Many things play into the price of each wedding, such as time of year, time of day, day of week, and location in the valley.  In reality, it’s basic supply and demand.  Some months, days, and times are in much higher demand than others. 

For example, March through May and October through November on a Saturday afternoon is a much more popular time than a Friday night in July or January.

Typically, the prices range between $250 and $450.

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Do the Phoenix Wedding Pastors perform non-denominational weddings?

Yes.  They use two different Bible passages that refer to love and marriage, but they are not denominational weddings.

How many times will the Phoenix Wedding Pastors meet me us before the wedding?

As many times as you would like.  Our desire is to know you as best as we can before the wedding.

Do the Phoenix Wedding Pastors offer pre-marriage counseling sessions?

Yes.  We use different kinds of personality tests and workbooks to help couple know each other and themselves better.  It’s not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Can the Phoenix Wedding Pastors help us find a place to get married?

Yes.  Because we’ve been doing weddings a long time, we know many people and places.  We would be happy to make suggestions on a location for your wedding and anything else you may need.pastor randy bride laughing

When is the fee due?

Not until the week of the wedding.  Checks should be made out to the pastor performing your wedding.

Where do we get our marriage license and how much does it cost?

Should we expect the pastor to attend our wedding rehearsal?

No.  Not unless you first make arrangements with him.  You especially do not need him present if you have a wedding coordinator.  Most wedding venues provide a coordinator of some kind.

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Do the Phoenix Wedding Pastors perform weddings outside of the Valley?

Yes they can, but not typically.  Transportation costs may apply depending on where it is.

How long have the Phoenix Wedding Pastors been performing weddings?

Pastor Randy has been a pastor since 1986.  Phoenix Wedding Pastors started in 2005.

If Rev. Randy is not able to marry us, might he know someone else who could?

Yes. There are a few trusted wedding ministers that Pastor Randy likes and trusts if he himself cannot do your wedding.  These men do not work for us.  The agreement you make with any of them is between you and the minister.  We endorse them by their reputation.