Relationship & Personality Analysis

Our ordained ministers and wedding officiants provide valuable insight into relationships throughout Phoenix, AZ.

Relationship & Personality Analysis TestAs wedding officiant and ordained minister, we are trained to counsel couples throughout Phoenix, AZ before they enter into the covenant of marriage. This form of self-discovery is a great tool for anyone considering pre-marital counseling. You will learn not just about their own preferences, but also about helpful techniques and tools you can use to strengthen your marriage.

Many personality tests claim to measure things like leadership potential, empathy, and even decision-making preferences. We have reviewed dozens of personality assessments to determine one that gives the most insight into your relationship. We then provide detailed analysis about you and your partner’s personalities as well as communication skills to keep the love alive throughout your marriage.

Take our sample test below to start the process:

1) Is your partner by nature a forgiving person?
2) Does your partner take an active part in community affairs or group activities?
3) Is your partner self-confident in most undertakings?
4) Is your partner quick to sense another person’s feelings and moods?
5)Does your partner enjoy activity and excitement?
6) Does your partner prepare a budget and make every effort to stay within it?
7) Does your partner reach conclusions only after looking at all sides of a question?
8) Is your partner always working toward some future goal?
9) Is your partner apt to keep feelings “bottled up inside”?
10) Is your partner logical in thinking and speaking?

Are you and your partner ready to embark on a journey of discovery? Download the complete Taylor Johnson Temperament Test and follow the steps enclosed. You will need to take the test twice: once with answers about yourself and another time to answer the same questions about your partner. Once you have completed the assessment, you may mail it to our helpful staff for analysis:

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