Surprise wedding pastor

I rarely write a testimonial, but I just had to make an exception in the case of Pastor Randy. Our situation may be a bit different.

Mark and I live in New Hampshire, but wanted to be married in Arizona so we could include my parents, who cannot travel, in our wedding. That left us with the chore of finding someone to marry us by searching the Internet. But, we really didn’t just want anyone to marry us. Mark and I had been to enough weddings where the minister’s part was short, monotone, and perfunctory, and we both wanted our vows to be meaningful and to last more than a few minutes.

After numerous calls to other area wedding officiates, I knew within the first moments of our call to Randy that he was who we’d want to marry us. In that first phone call, he also told us how to get our marriage license over the Internet and by mail, and this tip saved us much time and worry running around in AZ the day before our wedding.

Our wedding was small…just my parents and my sister and her husband, but Randy treated our ceremony as if it was the biggest and most important one he’d done. In person he is warm, gracious, and reassuring with a delightfully appropriate sense of humor and an obvious and true enjoyment in what he does. All of us were so impressed with Randy’s ceremony…the words he chose in talking to us about love, marriage, and commitment, the way he included my family and personal notes into his delivery, and the genuineness and warmth he invested in the ceremony made our wedding everything Mark and I had hoped for, and more.

We also were grateful that Randy could offer to videotape our wedding and take still photos for us. We had only one camera (long story) and so really appreciated the backup. As it turned out, however, we love having the video and sound of our wedding—my dad suggested we watch it every anniversary—and Randy’s still photos are a real treasure for us all. Mark and I and my family cannot recommend Pastor Randy highly enough, and we feel so fortunate that he became a part of our lives at this happy time.

Thank you, Randy!