Wedding Minister Prices (how much does a wedding pastor cost?)

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The cost of a wedding minister is determined by many factors.  Hopefully, this list of factors below can help you understand why the range is between $100 and $500 per event.

$100 - $500 per wedding is a huge variation - why?!?!
  • The location.  Is it an hour outside of the city?  Is it hard to get to? (ex – is it in the mountains?)
  • His/ her experience.  Can they role with the punches?  When something goes badly, can they flex? Do they work well with the other vendors?  Do they bring a lot of ideas for you or do they do the same ceremony for all their weddings?
  • His / her style. Are they natural upfront of people?  Do they place the attention on themselves or on the couple?  Is their humor appropriate for the occasion?  Do they use humor or are they boring? Do they make you feel relaxed or nervous?
  • Month of the event.  Here in Phoenix, the “cheap” months are June – August becuase fewer weddings are taking place in the AZ heat… thus the price is less.
  • Day of the event.  Is it a Saturday after 2 or an off day / time?
  • High demand.  Are they in high demand by other brides / vendors?  Are they wanted by many because of the quality of their work?

Hope this helps – as you can see, their are many variables to how a wedding minister sets their prices.

Basic "supply and demand" principles apply to wedding ministers too.