5 Best Roblox Games Like Welcome to Bloxburg (2024)

There's certainly no shortage of life simulation games on Roblox,which makes sense, given how the bulk of its universe is centered around community building and roleplaying. Even with its multitude of genres that spread far and wide across the platform, simulation games make up the most popular tiers, and it's mostly thanks to games likeWelcome to Bloxburgthat its reputation continues to exist.

Of course, there's far more toRobloxthanWelcome to Bloxburg.And to be fair, one good game does not technically speak for the who kingdom that is Roblox,either. Question is, which gameslike Welcome to Bloxburgcontribute to the ground-breaking success of the franchise? Well, if a home away from home in Bloxburg is your ideal cup of tea, then you're sure to get a kick out of these five, too.

5. Brookhaven RP

BrookHaven RP trailer 2021

If you live and breathe roleplay and fancy the idea of building a new home outside of Bloxburg, then perhaps Brookhaven RP will suit your needs? After all, it shares a similar amount of sandbox and roleplaying elements, and it certainly brings the entertainment factor to an equal altitude. And factually, it's one of the most popular life simulation games on Roblox,with a sturdy 250,000 concurrent players logging on to develop their worlds on a daily basis.

Brookhaven RPprovides an entire community hub for you to explore and turn into your own virtual haven. From the local church to the market, the playground to the hospital — the town of Brookhaven opens it doors to you and a population of like-minded builders and roleplay enthusiasts. And although the inclusion of Robux may be a little off-putting, its simple and incredibly addictive gameplay elements definitely make up for it, if only slightly.

4. The Plaza

The Plaza Trailer

Looking for a new hangout spot that revolves around the center of theRobloxworld? Perhaps it's time to set up shop inThe Plaza,a life simulation RPG by Pixeltail Games. Here, you'll find a communal area that boasts a network of markets, apartments, and completely customizable megaplexes. It's sandbox 101, and it is perhaps one of the trendiest games on theRobloxstorefront right now.

The Plazadoesn't just offer you the opportunity to mope around a bustling complex with yourRobloxbuddies, though. In fact, you can even claim your own set of keys to an apartment that's fully tailored to your own design. InThe Plaza, it's your world, and you can share it with whomever you choose to onboard into your social circle. Therefore, if you're after a sweet blend of life simulation, sandbox, and casual meet-and-greet, thenThe Plazais definitely a viable option you should entertain.

3. Urbis

Urbis Gameplay Trailer

If you happened to feel the post-city blues following the 2004 release of EA'sThe Urbz,then you'll be pleased to know that some of its heart and soul was eventually carried over toUrbis,an entirely new life simulation game with all the same vigor. Although a few miles apart from Maxis' best-selling phenomenon, theRobloxcounterpart certainly did a tidy job at filling its eerily vacant shoes. And today, well, it certainly stacks higher than most life simulation games that have tried to break the same barrier.

Urbisis exactly what is says on the tin: a life simulation game that takes you, the suburban dweller, on a brand new journey into an action-packed neighborhood, a place in which jobs become mini-games, and open spaces become sandpits for you to develop and morph into whatever your creativity desires. With thousands of neighboring communities all on a similar track to make their worlds flourish, you too can join the network and make something from scratch.Urbis awaits, and it's handing you the tools to craft without limits.

2. Sunset City

Sunset City (Revamp) - Reveal Trailer

It isn't very often you spot aRobloxgame that follows all the same controversial lines as Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto,butSunset Citydefinitely tries. Although not entirely on the same wavelength in terms of mindless violence and profanity, it does gift players with a whole lot of familiar elements, few of which you wouldn't traditionally associate with a standard life simulation game. Needless to say, though,Sunset Cityis definitely worth checking out, if only to see what all the fuss is about.

It's simple, really:Sunset Cityis overrun with mobs, crime rings, and corrupt organizations. And guess what — it's you who will indulge in its underworld as you forge a life among the twisted folk that callSunset Cityhome.Grand Theft Autoit most certainly is not, but a watered-down Robloxclone, on the other hand? Absolutely.

1. Tiny Town

5 Best Roblox Games Like Welcome to Bloxburg (1)

Tiny Townis hands down one of the best life simulation games onRoblox,period. Thanks to its all-in-one interface, the game not only acts as a sandbox for you to experiment with, but a fully functioning community packed full of careers, customizable homes, vehicles, and thriving hot spots for the locals to meet up in. In short, it's everything you could want and more from a traditionalRobloxexperience, but with perhaps double the content.

Welcome to Bloxburgis one thing, but if you're hell-bent on establishing your name as one of the biggest on the Robloxroster, then you're definitely going to want to consider the idea of setting up a time share in Tiny Town. Customization? Check. A hearty community full of world-loving avatars? Check. A fully comprehensive life simulation game that's alsofree and worthy of your time? Check, check, and check.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

5 Best Roblox Games Like Welcome to Bloxburg (2024)
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