7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (2024)

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Jane Kim

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (1)

Jane Kim is a contributor for Byrdie. She has over five years of experience in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle editorial, and her bylines can be found in publications including The Spruce, MyDomaine, and more.

Published on 03/31/24 07:00AM

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (2)

Many of us neglect our toenails during the colder months. After all, they're hiding away in the comfort of cozy Uggs or lug-sole boots. However, as the warm weather approaches—and we unpack those sandals and peep-toe pumps—the idea of a pedicure, DIY or in the salon, becomes much more enticing.

We asked pro nail artists Britney Tokyo and Georgia Rae to give us insights on the trendiest pedicure shades for spring. Read on for seven nail colors to help get you in the spring spirit and add an extra pep to your step.

Meet the Expert

  • Britney Tokyo is a celebrity nail artist whose clients include Ariana Grande and the Kardashians.
  • Georgia Rae is an international nail artist who has worked with Sofia Richie Grainge.

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Pastel Glazed Colors

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (3)

EssieNail Art Studio Special Effects Nail Polish in Ethereal Escape$13.00


The glazed donut trend took the beauty world by storm thanks to Hailey Bieber, who embraced subtle hues with iridescent shine. This spring, we'll still be riding that glossy wave. "The spring pedicure trend is pastel glazed colors, especially lavender and yellow," Tokyo says. These shades are perfect for adding a gentle pop of color without overdoing it.

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Light Blue Tones

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (4)

EssieNail Polish in Find Me An Oasis$10.00


With so many sunny days and blue skies ahead, it only makes sense to incorporate light blues into your spring beauty routine. A pastel baby blue flatters all skin tones and will help you prepare for the warmer days on the horizon.

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Sheer Nudes

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (5)

KurNail Veil #4$20.00


Sheer nude shades are perfect for those who prefer minimal looks. And, thanks to how buildable most of the formulas are, you can switch up your vibe by painting on as many (or few) coats as you'd like—think milky pedi or opaque neutral. "It's an understated way to explore shades you wouldn't normally reach for," Rae says.

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Purple Tones

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (6)

OPINail Polish in Polly Want a Lacquer?$12.00


If you're feeling bolder when you get to your pedicure appointment, opt for a sweet lavender hue (like this one) or a deeper purple that exudes royalty. The vibrant pigment is an instant mood booster.

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Neon Pastels

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (7)

Kiara SkyNail Polish in Peachin'$10.00


Get ready for festival season with electrifying hues that will pair perfectly with an over-the-top outfit—think bright peach or pink. "Neon pastels have been favored around this time every year, especially among young people attending outdoor festivals like Coachella," Tokyo says, who believes fashion trends are driving the popularity of the shades.

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Classic Whites

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (8)

EssieNail Polish in Blanc$10.00


Listen, we get it—sometimes, being surrounded by so much color during the springtime is more than enough, and you don't feel the need to extend that bright energy to your toenails. Opt for a classic white hue if you're indecisive or want something that will go with all your spring looks.

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Copper Metallics

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (9)

LondontownNail Polish in Sugarcane$16.00


To add shimmer to your toenails while embracing the warmth, skip the silver and opt for tones like copper and gold instead. This pretty copper shade might frost your toes, but there's nothing cold about it.

7 Pedicure Colors Trending for Spring 2024 (2024)


What is the nail trend in 2024? ›

Jelly nail trends are really taking off for the summer of 2024,” says Choi. She speaks to the versatility of jellies, adding that they can be bright, neutral, or pastel. “The recent Met Gala showcased numerous stunning jelly nail looks, and I had the privilege of creating three out of four of them.”

What is the summer nail color for 2024? ›

Tangerine. Reminiscent of Fanta soda and summer sunsets, tangerine practically screams summer. For California-based nail artist Lonna Janee, “it's giving sunflower, it's giving sun,” which makes it one of her go-to summer colors. We love Essie Break It Sundown, a beautiful orange polish with yellow undertones.

What is the best color for spring toes? ›

Keep reading to discover the biggest pedicure color trends of spring 2024.
  • Lavender Chrome. ...
  • Buttery Yellow. ...
  • Neon Pink. ...
  • Chili Pepper Red. ...
  • Unconventional Magenta. ...
  • Key Lime.
Apr 18, 2024

What color pedicure goes with everything? ›

Taupe. A neutral and effortless nail polish color that straddles the gray-brown spectrum, taupe has a soft warmth that complements a wide range of skin tones. For those looking for nail paint that goes with everything, this is their go-to shade.

What color are toenails in spring 2024? ›

"The spring pedicure trend is pastel glazed colors, especially lavender and yellow," Tokyo says. These shades are perfect for adding a gentle pop of color without overdoing it.

What is the color of the year in Vogue 2024? ›

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2024 is “Peach Fuzz”— A Call for Human Connection | Vogue.

What color nails to dip in spring 2024? ›

Look for pastel shades like powder green, baby blue, and soft lilac, adorned with Easter-themed designs such as tiny eggs or floral patterns.

What is the best color for toes in summer? ›

Think of icy blues, mint greens, and crisp whites that bring a sense of calm and freshness to your pedicure. These colors are perfect for creating a relaxing and beach-inspired vibe during the hot summer months.

What are the neon colors for summer 2024? ›

Neon colour trend of spring summer 2024: from bright yellow to powerful pink. – POM Amsterdam.

What color is most flattering on toes? ›

According to Baek, when deciding on nail polish shades, cooler tones like greens and blues tend to look best on the feet, while warmer tones like peach and pink work on hands.

What color spring nails go with everything? ›

A red nail works for all seasons, but Falcone loves seeing this timeless hue for spring—and we do too. Bold while also being playful and light, red just ticks all the boxes. Go brighter this season and use something like OPI's Big Apple Red or Chanel's Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour Incendaire.

What color pedicure should I get? ›

"Most people opt for a shade a few shades darker or lighter than their natural skin colour so it stands out but doesn't look super obvious." It makes sense that this colour type is so popular—nude shades will work for all outfits, don't make too much of a statement, and don't look super obvious as they grow out.

What nail colors are trending in 2024? ›

The Prettiest Nail Polish Colors For Spring 2024. Soft peach, bold yellow, and fiery red are all in store. Spring breathes new life into everything from the greenery you see outside to beauty trends.

Should toenails match fingernails? ›

Should Your Manicure and Pedicure Match? Simply put, no – you mani and pedi doesn't have to match. Back in the day, it used to be mandatory to match the colour on your fingernails to your toes but, over the years this trend has become predictable and a little boring too.

What two nail colors look good together? ›

Blue and green go great together and choosing bright shades of theses colours is very on trend. Alternate the colours or paint your two middle fingernails green, with the remaining one blue for a more interesting pattern. We suggest: Royal Bleu and Emerald Jewel.

Are short or long nails better for 2024? ›

Long Nails Are Officially Done: Long Live The Short Nail. It appears long acrylics have fallen out of favour in 2024. It's the short nail's time to shine.

What is the future of the nail industry? ›

Emerging Technologies in Nail Art

The nail art industry is on the brink of a technological revolution. 3D nail printing, which emerged in the late 2010s, is now becoming more accessible, allowing for intricate, customised designs at the touch of a button.

Are ombre nails in style in 2024? ›

Manicure Trends for Spring 2024 – Subtle Ombre

Another trend and inspiration for spring nails is ombre. It can have very different faces.

What color nails to wear in february 2024? ›

Try a lovely lavender or lilac color to capture the essence of blooming flowers. Alternatively, opt for a mint green or baby blue hue to create a refreshing and calming manicure. You can also experiment with a soft peach or coral shade for a subtle and feminine look.

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