Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2024)

Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (1)

Herblore is a buyable skill that can be trained to 99 very, very quickly but it will cost you a lot of money. In this osrs herblore guide, I will include the fastest way to 99 for those who have the money but also alternative, slower methods that require less investment and even some moneymaking methods.

You need to complete druidic ritual to start herblore training, the completion of the quest (very short) will bring you to level 3 herblore.

EXP Boosting Items

Botanical Pie

Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2)

The Botanical pie can boost your herblore by 4 levels, this can be handy for boosting quest requirements but also for training the skill as you’ll be able to unlock higher experience rates.

Read more: How to make botanical pies and other Herblore boosts.

Amulet of Chemistry

Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (3)

With the amulet of chemistry, you get a 5% chance of getting an extra dose when making a potion (potions always come in 3, not 4). So it’s worth wearing it while training herblore as you’ll be saving some money in the long run when making expensive potions. The amulet has 5 charges so after 5 extra doses, the amulet will degrade.

Before using the amulet of chemistry you should always check whether the amulet itself isn’t more expensive as the 5 x extra dose of potion you’ll be making.

Fastest way to 99 Herblore

Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (4)

In order to get the fastest herblore experience in the game, you’ll be wanting to combine unfinished herblore potions (that you buy from the grand exchange) with other ingredients.

The following table offers the recommended path from level 3 – 99. There are faster methods in the game currently such as anti-venoms and saradomin brews but these will cost you a fortune to reach 99.

LevelsTypeExp RateTotal Cost
3 – 38Attack Potions60K/hr100K
38 – 63Prayer Potions210K/hr3M
63 – 90Super Restore350K/hr72M
90 – 99Super Combat300K/hr38M

Total cost: 113M

Cheap alternative: Attack potions all the way to 99

If you’re really on a budget, you can do attack potions all the way to 99. This will cost you 24M in total and at experience rates of 60K/hr, this will take you 215 hours in total.

Moneymaking Alternatives

Cleaning herbs

Cleaning herbs is one of the ways to make money with herblore. However, this method requires you to manually click one each herb piece in your inventory so it is very click intensive. On top of that, the exp rates aren’t high at all.

Making unfinished potions

The process of making unfinished potions doesn’t give you any herblore experience, which is why most players training herblore buy these straight from the grand exchange. This also means that they are in high demand so making these can be very profitable.

You can check out the wiki page for the hourly profits for every unfinished potion at any time.

Divine potions

Players who have completed the song of the elves’ master quest have the ability to create divine potions. These are made by adding 4 crystal dust to a potion. This gives very little to almost no experience but can be very profitable.

For every divine super combat you make, you can make 5K profit. However, crystal dust is an untradeable item that is obtained by using a pestle and mortar on crystal shards which are in turn obtained through activities on Prifddinas.

Quests that give herblore experience

QuestExp RewardHerblore lvl ReqOther Requirements
Druidic Ritual250 exp//
Jungle Potion775 exp3 herblore/
Recruitment Drive1,000 exp/12QP, black knight’s fortress
Heroes’ Quest1,325 exp25 herblore55 QP, 50 mining, 53 cooking and fishing
The Dig Site2,000 exp10 herblore10 agility, 25 thieving
Shades of Mort’ton2,000 exp15 herblore5 firemaking, 20 crafting
Zogre Flesh Eaters2,000 exp8 herblore4 smithing, 30 ranged, 30 thieving
Fairytale part 23,500 exp57 herblore40 thieving, 49 farming
Grim Tales5,000 exp52 herblore45 farming, 58 thieving, 59 agility, 71 woodcutting
My Arm’s Big Adventure10,000 exp31 herblore10 woodcutting, 29 farming
Eadgar’s Ruse11,000 exp31 herblore/
Song of The Elves20,000 exp70 herblore70 construction, agility, hunter, farming, mining, smithing and woodcuting

Herblore Tips & Tricks

Always check the herblore calculator first

Being a buyable skill in a game like old school Runescape where the economy is constantly changing it is very hard to write a guide that accurately represents the items you should be using to level up as fast as possible with as little loss of money as possible. That’s why you should use this guide, alongside a herblore calculator and compare the prices.

This way you will never spend more than you should and sometimes (if you get very lucky) you might even run into some temporary profitable methods, though these are very rare.

Efficient Banking

You’ll want to set up your bank quantity (X) and change the value to 14. This way, by clicking on the unfinished potions and then the ingredients, your inventory will be split 50/50 between them.

When skilling for a long time, always make use of separate bank tabs and bank fillers.

Hopefully, this osrs herblore guide was worth the read. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, we have skilling guides available for every skill in OSRS!

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Complete 1 - 99 OSRS Herblore Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2024)
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