Electrolysis Contraindications - Gentle Touch (2024)

When you decide to receive a treatment such as Electrolysis, you must consider the consequences and contraindications that it may have. Like many treatments, the way the body assimilates depends on several factors such as genetic conditions, physical predisposition, and the person's habits, among others. However, there are general recommendations that must be considered to get a successful result.

It is important that you do not underestimate the recommendations that treatment experts can make to you because they know the implications that can be had before, during, and after the procedure. However, the sense of self-care is never too much.

The following are medical conditions of concern (contraindications) for the electrologist: Accutane or Retin A/Renova Users

We will advise you about all the contraindications of Electrolysis. We are your best option for this service inBloomfield, CT.

Electrolysis Contraindications - Gentle Touch (1)

  • Accutane:Only if you are off of medication for 1 year to avoid any scarring.
  • Retin A/Renova:Only if you stop applying it 2 days before your session and stay off 2 days after your session if you are having treatment in that area.
  • Absolute Contra-Indications – Requires a Doctor's Note:Diabetes, heart condition, hemophilia, pacemaker, seizures, transplant, surgery.
  • Relative Contra-Indications – Patients may be treated, provided their condition is under control with a medical professional's supervision:Carcinoma, Coagulation Problems, Fainting, Hepatitis, Herpes I & II, Hodgkin's Disease, Hysterectomy, Keloids, Tumors.

Remember that at Gentle Touch, we will always ensure that you receive the best care to obtain the results you want, but above all, with the necessary protection and well-being measures.Do not forget that it is always necessary to follow the experts' recommendations to improve the expected results. Caring for yourself after treatment is an important action that you should consider.

Electrolysis Contraindications - Gentle Touch (2024)


Electrolysis Contraindications - Gentle Touch? ›

Absolute Contra-Indications – Requires a Doctor's Note: Diabetes, heart condition, hemophilia, pacemaker, seizures, transplant, surgery.

Who Cannot get electrolysis? ›

Moles require the written consent of a doctor. Who is considered ineligible for electrolysis? You cannot be treated if you are pregnant, using the drug accutane, or have a pacemaker. Also, people using medical grade retinol should suspend their use of the product three months prior to treatment.

Is electrolysis bad for sensitive skin? ›

Effective for All Skin and Hair Types

Electrolysis is approved for sensitive areas that are prone to bumps and redness. It can be used to treat the face, bikini line, underarms, breasts, and any other area that you are struggling with.

Does hair fall out immediately after electrolysis? ›

After any one session, expect a 50 to 60 percent drop off in hair growth. During the initial few sessions, hairs will begin to regrow after one to six weeks – as these hairs were dormant at the time of the procedure.

What is a downside to electrolysis? ›

Electrolysis Cons

It's a time-consuming procedure requiring multiple sessions. Skin discoloration is a possibility. The electricity in the device can actually destroy the capillaries in the surrounding areas. It can be very painful. It is not recommended for people with rosacea since the skin is so easily irritated.

Why is electrolysis not popular? ›

Dr Emma Wedgeworth, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, explains that electrolysis has become less popular with the introduction of laser hair removal because it is much more time-consuming (hairs are zapped individually) and requires weekly appointments for a year or more.

Why does my hair keep coming back after electrolysis? ›

Generally, multiple sessions of electrolysis are needed to target all the hair follicles in the treated area. Skipping sessions or not completing the full course of treatment can result in incomplete hair removal and an increased risk of hair regrowth.

What is the safest hair removal method for sensitive skin? ›


Sugaring is a natural hair removal method similar to waxing, but it uses a sugar-based paste. It's considered gentler on the skin and is less likely to cause irritation.

Can you get electrolysis if you have eczema? ›

Electrolysis can only be performed on a healthy skin. If there is any evidence of a skin disease or disorder in the treatable area then treatment may not commence. Some conditions may prevent treatment until the skin has healed e.g. cold sores, eczema or active acne etc.

Where is the most painful area for electrolysis? ›

Does Electrolysis Hurt?
  • Upper Lip: This is a very sensitive area due to the number of nerve endings here. ...
  • Cheeks, Jaw and Chin: These areas are typically a mild to medium level of painful. ...
  • Neck: This area is sensitive for many clients because the skin is thin here and the throat is tender.

Does plucking hair ruin electrolysis? ›

Once you start Electrolysis refrain from plucking, waxing or threading. Any method that requires to pull the hair from the root will slow down your progress.

How many hours of electrolysis for chin? ›

Most clients return once a week or every other week as needed. Each treatment lasts between 15 minutes and one hour, and it can take up to a year and a half to complete all the needed sessions. The good news is that the unwanted hair will be gone forever once the series of treatments is complete.

How many hairs can electrolysis remove in an hour? ›

Your electrologist removes individual hairs from the body one by one, approximately 200-800 hairs per hour. Laser covers large areas and can treat thousands of hairs.

What is better than electrolysis? ›

Laser/Light Treatment

If a laser or light based hair removal method has been used, electrolysis should be avoided in the treated area for two weeks to ensure maximum healing potential from the laser or IPL. Ideally the two treatments should be performed completely separately with many weeks in-between treatments.

How many years does electrolysis last? ›

However, it's important to remember – the results last forever. Indeed, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) consider electrolysis the only permanent hair removal method.

Is electrolysis bad for face? ›

What areas of the body can I have treated? Electrolysis is safe for all areas of the face and body with the exception of inside the nostrils and ear canal.

Does electrolysis not work for some people? ›

Myth 2: Electrolysis is 100% successful

About 93% of electrolysis procedures yield permanent success, an excellent number for hair removal procedures. Remember, electrolysis does not work for everyone, and the chance for regrowth is still there, though very slight.

Is electrolysis safe for everyone? ›

Electrolysis is very safe. Very slight risks of infection (from an unsterile needle) or scarring exist if the electrolysis is not done correctly. These risks are very low if you choose a certified, professional electrolysis practice. You may have a slight reddening of the skin during or right after treatment.

Is electrolysis for everyone? ›

Generally speaking, yes. Electrolysis can be performed on persons of any skin color and hair color, unlike laser hair removal. From peach fuzz to thick, coarse hair, there are no disqualifying factors based on skin or hair.

Who is a good candidate for electrolysis? ›

Who is a good candidate for Electrolysis? Anyone looking for a permanent solution to removing unwanted facial and body hair. Electrolysis is common among men, women, transgender and teens.

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