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Marisa Jacques is a journalist who focuses on local news in the Syracuse area of New York. She writes for Spectrum News, a division of Time Warner Cable Enterprises, LLC, and her work has also appeared in Bay News 9. Marisa covers a range of topics, including politics, community events, and issues affecting the state of New York.

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Geo Focus

Syracuse, New York, United States (Local)

Coverage Attributes:


Government Announcement:47%

Legal Policy Regulation:30%

Event Coverage:10%

Cites Data:6%


Themes Covered:

Most Recent Topics:

  • New York State Budget
  • Financial Literacy
  • Legislation
  • Political Campaigns
  • Advocacy
  • Education

Pitching Insights

Marisa's coverage is heavily focused on government and politics, with a specific emphasis on local events and issues within New York State. To effectively reach out to her, consider providing insights or announcements related to political developments at the state or local level, particularly those concerning New York.

Given Marisa's focus on local news in Syracuse and New York State, she may be interested in pitches that offer perspectives from local politicians, community leaders, or advocates regarding policy changes or events impacting the region.

Marisa does not appear to cover topics related to religion, funerals, Catholic Church, bishop-related matters or memorial services based on the provided article titles. Therefore it would be more effective to tailor your outreach around government & politics themes specifically relating to New York State.

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Marisa Jacques - Journalist Profile - Intelligent Relations (9)


Marisa Jacques - Journalist Profile - Intelligent Relations (2024)


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