Two Cameras At Your Wedding or Just One?

arizona wedding minister
arizona wedding minister

You, as the bride, will have a decision to make regarding the option of having one or two people (one or two cameras) at your wedding. Obviously, you will pay more for a second person, but the benefits for such a thing may be worth it.

No matter how good your photographer is, he or she can only be at one place at a time. There are many things happening at the same time on your wedding day. Years ago it didn’t matter as much because photographers spent more time “posing” people than capturing special moments. These days, brides want to remember the spontaneous moments. They don’t want a much the photographers trying to create them.

Also, it worth mentioning that there is should be a camera near the bride at all time and another camera near the action. For example, when the bride is getting ready to walk down with her father, the cutest thing is also going on: the flower girl and ring barer are walking down. Here’s the bottom line, which of these two things do you want to not have a record of?

In my opinion, spend the extra $250 for the extra camera. You will never miss the money, but you’ll alwasy miss the shots.


Do NOT try to save money with: DJ


A bad DJ will hurt you (and everyone) more than any other single vendor from the beginning to the end.  He (or she) is responsibility to make the ceremony work well AND the reception.

Do not get a discount DJ.  Pay what you need to pay to get someone who is going to

  • do what you want
  • be professional
  • be kind
  • be creative
  • be fun
  • enjoy you and your guests
  • have your best interests in mind
  • be flexible
  • create a fun atmosphere