Baby Blessing (aka christening and dedication)

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I have had the honor of performing hundreds of wedding ceremonies over the past 25 years. It never gets old and I never take it for granted. However, there is one thing I happen to enjoy even more than weddings, and that is dedicating babies (aka christening or blessings). Especially if I had the privilege of marrying the couple as well.

Typically, I ask the couple a few questions about their commitment to the child, I ask the friends and family if they are “all in” in helping the couple raise the little one. Then I humbly ask God to bless the little one and the parents as they combat the world for the sake of the child. It’s often sweet, emotional, and inspiring. I LOVE it.

There are many different passages of the Bible one can use, but the passage in Mark (10:13-16) tends to be my favorite.

If I can help you and your family with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to help!


20111110-170932.jpgTake openly about your faith and church background

One of the biggest issues that attack couples AFTER they are married is the topic of faith.  Before children, there often is not much issue regarding church and faith, but as soon as a baby comes into the family, things change – a lot!

For example, if one of you comes from a Roman Catholic background and the other an evangelical background, the issue of infant baptism is going to cause way more issues than you can even imagine.  Especially if you add to the mix the opinions of the baby’s grandmother.  I see way too often couples make assumptions of the kind of church they are planning on raising their child in.  So when the time comes to make an appointment with a minister, the reality of the differences hit each in the heart fast.

My advise: speak openly about church, faith, and God.  Come to agreement BEFORE you say I do (not after).  And if it becomes indeed the discussion is too hard to discuss one on one, invite a third party to assist (such as a minister, counselor or family friend).