Live Wedding Ceremony Music is the BEST!

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Live Wedding Music

I cannot think of a better way to turn an ordinary wedding into a extraordinary wedding than adding LIVE MUSIC.  Live music makes everything better.  I love to show up for a wedding and see a live musician setting up for the ceremony.

As for choosing the instrumentalist, most people assume you have to hire three or four (which can become very pricey), but the truth is that one simple cellist or acoustic guitarist or harpist is all you need really need.  Less is actually better.

Here in the Phoenix area, ASU is a great place to pick a college student is is studying music, they need the money ($100 to $150 ceremony only plus another $50 for the cocktail hour), they are often trendy looking, PLUS they are good to great musicians.  I also have several on my website to help as well.

There is nothing wrong with using your DJ for the ceremony, but if you’re looking to make things a little more special, live music may be your answer.

Good luck!