How to choose a wedding date in Arizona


“Congratulations! So, when is the big day?”

At some point during the early days and weeks of your engagement, you will wonder if it might be easier to wear a shirt that says “Thanks! My Wedding Date is ___” as this will be the most popular question after announcing the great news. Before you head to the printer, you need to choose that elusive/magical/ date. How do you choose your wedding date? Very carefully! Your wedding date will be with you forever, so keep these thoughts in mind as you make your decision.

First, think of the fairytale wedding you have been dreaming about since you were little. Is there a certain location, time of year, flower, or dress included in your dream wedding? If so, take all of these into consideration as you choose your date.

Keep your budget in mind as you look to secure your wedding date. May, June, July and September are typically the most popular wedding months of the year, so prices during these busy times will, most likely, be higher than they would be during a slower time of year, not to mention the competition for preferred wedding vendors increases exponentially. The day of the week should also play a part if you are looking to save a few dollars. A Saturday wedding will be much more costly than a Friday or Sunday wedding. Just think, a Friday wedding could be the beginning of a great weekend with family and friends!

Holiday weekends are often a popular choice for many couples as this allows guests who may need to travel the opportunity to join you on your wedding day without having to take time off from work. Keep in mind, though, that holiday weekends are also a time when many families take vacations of their own – which means airline and hotel room availability and/or price concerns. If you decide on a holiday weekend, be sure to inform your guests of the date as soon as possible so they have time to plan and make travel arrangements. Send out those Save-the-Dates early!

Most importantly, before making a final decision, run it by close family members and friends, especially ones you hope to have in your bridal party. You will absolutely want to include these people in your day!

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