Phoenix wedding pastor


One of our favorite parts of our wedding was having Randy as the Officiant. There are the obvious things such as the way he was dressed (in a classy handsome black suite), he was punctual, and worked in harmony with the other vendors (i.e. the DJ, the videographer, the wedding coordinator).
The less than obvious things such as his demeanor- a rare mixture of sincerity, seriousness and light heartiness that few people can achieve. We can’t emphasize enough how the pre-marital counseling sessions created a bond between the three of us that was apparent during the ceremony. He was able to personalize the ceremony which many people mentioned to us during the reception.

He was truly a big hit with my family, even the ones from out of town whom had never met him. Specifically, I am referring to my dad and step mom.

He helped us make the day very special and for that we will always have fond memories.